New England Interior and Tropical Plantscapes provides Interior landscaping service, Interior plant care service for corporate and business environments in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We also design and install exterior seasonal tropical plantscapes that include palm trees
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  • Kentia Palm mall display
  • Tropical Theme Bat Mitzvah
  • Palm Rental � Bat Mitzvah Bedford, MA
  • Boston best Bartender Tropical Luau Theme
  • Palm rental for Captain Morgan - Boston
  • interior design � Windham, NH
  • Mixed plants Andover office
  • �Janet Craig� office Salem, NH
  • Corn and ZZ plant Salem �NH
  • Interior design office Salem, NH
  • Orchid
  • Palm rental for Harvard Universit
  • Container plants in Burlington
  • Schefflera Amate showroom in Tewksbury
  • Schefflera Amate
  • Dracena Marginata
  • Bromeliads
  • Holiday Poinsettia
  • Interior design Windham, NH
  • Indoor fountain plant design
  • Spath - Interior landscape NH
  • Interior landscape - NH
  • Interior Landscape in NH
  • Bromeliad
  • Calethea
  • Corn Plant Selection
  • Delivery to the Black Water Grill
  • Interior plant display �snake plants� in Manchester NH
  • Interior palm �Majesty Palm�
  • Interior plantscape �Sansevieria�
  • Washingtonia palm at restaurant in Londonderry, NH
  • Butia palm at restaurant in Salem, NH
  • Cast Iron Plant
  • Chelmsford, MA Customer
  • Corn Plant medium
  • orchid
  • Pole Pothos
  • Ficas Lyvata
  • Aglaonema Silverado
  • Cordyline Terminalis
  • Warneckii Dracaena
  • ZZ Plant
  • Dracaena
  • Entry way at Black Water Grill
  • Golden Pothos
  • Lounge at the Black Water Grill
  • Main Dining Area
  • Majesty Palm at the Black Water Grill
  • Phoenix Roebelenii at The Black Water Grill
  • Spath
  • Warneckii


  • Tropical poolscape
  • Tropical Poolscapes
  • Tropical poolscapes
  • Adonidia palm for rent or purchase
  • Foxtail palm for rent or purchase
  • Yucca for rent or purchase
  • Queen palm for rent or purchase
  • Palm trees for sale or rent
  • Palm Tree project in Windham, NH
  • Raised bed with bananas and elephant ears
  • Queen Palms at recent project in NH
  • Tropical style raised bed
  • Palm & Tropical Theme at a home in NH
  • Elephant Ears at pool in Windham, NH
  • Christmas palm at recent project in Windham, NH
  • Tropical style pool project in Windham NH
  • Window box planter Portsmouth, NH
  • Outside container Portsmouth NH
  • Cordyline with supertunia
  • Christmas palms for rent or sale
  • Citrus Supertunia container
  • southwest garden in the works
  • southwest garden complete
  • chicks and hens
  • hardy prickley pear cactus blooming
  • southwest style garden
  • large agava Americana
  • Flower
  • needle palm
  • hardy cactus garden
  • container of canna
  • Yucca Rostrata
  • Ice Cream banana and musa Basjoo grove
  • Elephant ear and ice cream banana
  • banana mix
  • Brugmansia
  • Mature musa Basjoo in NH
  • mixture of plants and a kid for scale
  • Tropical NH Garden
  • Yucca Rostrata
  • Trachycarpus fortune in NH with snow on it
  • yucca rostrata in winter
  • Rental palm �Bottle Palm�
  • Rental Palms 5-6 feet �Christmas Palms�
  • rental palm 5-6 feet
  • Outside palm and plant display at the Black water Grill in Salem, NH.
  • Rental plant �Red Abbyssinian Banana�
  • Outdoor plant display �prickly pear� cactus in Andover, MA
  • Exterior container � Haverhill, MA
  • Exterior container � Haverhill, MA
  • Exterior garden plantscape
  • Exterior plant design Wilmington, MA
  • End of season Musa Basjoo Salem, NH
  • Black Water Grill
  • Ice Cream Banana - Photo by Allegra Boverman with the Lawrence Eagle Tribune
  • Prepping Ice Cream Banana for Winter - Photo by Allegra Boverman with the Lawrence Eagle Tribune
  • cutting off banana leaves for winter- Photo by Allegra Boverman with the Lawrence Eagle Tribune
  • digging up elephant ears -P hoto by Allegra Boverman with the Lawrence Eagle Tribune
  • digging up elephant ears for winter - Photo by Allegra Boverman with the Lawrence Eagle Tribune
  • Dwarf Cavenish banana
  • Windmill palm for sale � 3 gal size


What's New....

New England Plantscapes TestimonialThanks again for the amazing plants! We all know how long this winter has been, after partnering up with NE Plantscapes we turned the restaurant from a normal candlelit dining room, into a polished tropical oasis! Colleen and Troy came to the restaurant and mapped out the best fit for plants around the restaurant. They add character and depth to the building. We have received dozens of compliments and inquiries as to their origin!

NE plantscapes knew exactly what the Black Water Grill needed to accent and take your visual senses to the next level!

We are getting excited for the next phase when the weather warms up!!

Give them a call you will be glad you did!! Thanks again!

~Blackwater Grill

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10 Leonard Lane - Salem NH

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